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Home Xue Xiaoguang
He explained to the parents coach outlet store online to the martial arts, parents find it strange though, did not ask. 89 Literature Network breakfast, he would go to school book bag, and in school, he went to buy a few basic skills in martial arts back offense and defense, which is degree of stars so that he bought. He will the internal strength, does not mean he has a strong, Xue Xiaoguang do not know how his hand, do not understand the use of the internal strength, but also do not understand kitchen furniture the use of internal strength with the moves of the law, the degree of stars to let him to learn Kung Fu Sanda, other After slowly.
In the past, degree of stainless steel ball valve cultivation is a centuries-sing, a few thousand years, and now God in his chain ban almost daily counting the days off, and he was like, Xian also has this feeling of months, but months of experience han without him the strong, Xian, after all, still light on age.
First class, the Xue Xiaoguang has been looking swing sets to buy a few books come to after school, his desk mate suddenly asked him: "Little Light, how do you not send to send Fan Mengying ah? You get along with whatever the outcome, a few weeks , that is not love a bit of a friend love you? " Xue Xiaoguang put down the book, he baffled wedding dresses the Road: "What to send to send Meng Ying?"
Table with a look of surprised: "You do not know? Do not know, early this morning, Fanmeng Ying"s parents took her to the school, not 10 minutes left, and then I hears people say that parents should take Fan massage table Mengying her to the United States, and if a short time it will not come back! "
Xue Xiaoguang was shocked, "What?" Suddenly microscope lenses he remembered that pursued Fan Mengying, subconsciously stand up will have to run out. He at the same table"s stopping him: "Hey, where you scrolling light box run to, ah, they would have gone in the morning 7:30 in the aircraft, which, ah you chase!"
Xuexiaoguangtong"s about to sit back, said: "gone, finished it the next!" Wondered the same circuit breaker table, said: "What is over, people just classmates Fan Mengying relationship with you, you do not earth now!"
Xue Xiaoguang no attention to him, glum, waving the book, he did not look at all. Degree on satellite and the han did not speak, in fact they knew Fan Mengying will leave, otherwise, would not forged steel valves have this look yesterday, Fan Mengying, but the lack of social experience, Xue Xiaoguang not see it out.
Table with the things they asked film blowing machine about Mathematics, but Xue Xiaoguang is in no mood to talk to him, such as a deflated balloon-like lying on the table, saying nothing of. Seeing this, at the same table is not good to ask, though he did not understand amusement equipment Xue Xiaoguang why.
Front desk to find inflatable bouncers a female student asked the curriculum Xue Xiaoguang, Xue Xiaoguang fleet look seems to look good, quickly turn back. After Xue Xiaoguang finishing the turn to continue the reading, he suddenly plug insert remembered the book that the rich parents of their children is highly demanding in the future if he again encountered Fan Mengying, he was no success, I"m afraid their parents will not her to marry him, to be able to better face the future in front of Fanmeng Ying, Xue Xiaoguang decided to read.
Xue Xiaoguang won the glasses frames martial arts continue to looks Attack Guide.
Time went by very quickly, in Xue playground slide Xiaoguang reading mid-stream later, at noon after school exercise books and the book took Xue Xiaoguang ready to go home. At the school gate, he was a bit surprised to see a blue Tingting, this little girl today wearing a white sweater, a natural hair hanging straight and in the back, hands held, the body slightly forged steel ball valve to the former belief, the eyes are open wide going out in front of the students looked at seems to what people are looking for.
Xue Xiaoguang walked up: "The dining table Ting Ting, how did you come here for?" Blue Tingting see Xue Xiaoguang, a little nervous little centrifugal pump face immediately reveal the joy of color, she sweetly said: "Small brother, you pull out?"
Xue Xiaoguang laughed: "Well, I naturally want vortex flowmeter to go home after school, you wait for me in this ah?" Blue Tingting look somewhat natural, she heads down fuel pump softly said: "Well, people wanted to go now Tingting brother home, to make up classes Tingting, OK?"
In a noisy voice, Xue Xiaoguang more sensitive ears, heard oxygen sensor her words, he said: "No problem, now on the go!" Tingting walking home on the road to Blue, Blue Tingting Xue soft play Xiaoguang finally found it a little wrong, he said: "Ting Ting, you do not have anything to say to me ah?"
Blue Tingting shocked a little, she and tiffany ring disorderly Baizhuo Shou, Road: "No, no ah!" Xue Xiaoguang surprised, he clearly feels blue from rotary packing machine time to time Tingting"s secretly stare, eyes looking forward to some of the color, when he looked, she was rushed to escape, but look a little nervous. He scratched his head, did not pursue further, he thought, probably plastic building blocks people are children of rich families, ideas different from their own bar.
Blue Tingting not called led strip vehicles, Xue Xiaoguang are not used to name cars, on foot and two parallel lines on the way, blue Tingting noble in her cute image of the many passers-by attracted attention with her different is that crude image Xue Xiaoguang , the whole coming out of a rural, but the fact that he really came out in rural areas, and they color pigments felt two others: how the two of them so do not match ah.
Then, suddenly looked up watching the Blue Tingting Xue Xiaoguang, said: "Small brother, you like Mengying sister?" Did not think blue would be suddenly asked this Tingting, Xue shower enclosure Xiaoguang slightly surprised a moment, smiled and said: "This is a natural, you Mengying sister in law has been good academic performance than your brother I have much better little light, and her character is also well, treats others with generosity and gentle and beautiful, a pity that she suddenly went to the coaxial cable rg11 United States, and do not know when can we meet, how, and you suddenly ask that? "
Who ignores Xue Xiaoguang not the case, Blue Tingting said to himself: "get good grades, that I was, character to me whether it be also, treats others with generosity? I wanted to come also, and I have beautiful, if not gentle! This how well can! "