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In 1940 the early
winter, a small village pressure switch west of Zhejiang busy Amendment Zhang family tree. 89 Literature Network, a forties to take advantage of the revised amendments to the remaining members are attentively read the roster of his home, saw him cheap designer handbags for a moment of meditation for a while sigh. After a child, he also see the names of his sons name, the number of another number, smiling, mouth whispered: "I have wholesale designer handbags five sons, I have ... ..." But when he returned home when a son has not seen, only his wife and his family two people. He did not believe my feelings,
turned back circuit breaker spectrum Church family tree, said to himself: "This is not clearly written five sons do, this, this ... ..." When he returned wholesale kitchen cabinets home again, when, still no the child"s shadow, the spirit of some of his senses. To see other people"s children, hurriedly into the arms of their hold, said: "This stainless steel ball valve is my son." In this year"s Lunar New Year gate valves on Oct. 18, a little life in the Chang family carbon-carbon composites is coming, still a boy do. The instrument allows the middle-aged man bad music, he everyone they said: "I really have a son." With the birth of his son, his illness has slowly better. In order to ward off evil, as wedding gowns a child after birth, they quickly put him to the house next door to wish family
name recognition is cosplay costumes mother, and named "celebrate". Trustee had a tough time taking it, because it is born in winter, on the use of the "dog" homophonic word called "winter Gou". The "winter Gou" the hero of the book is the spring of Health. So will his father in microscope led ring light the family tree in "Hang 1 - Zhang Rong" (father"s name and number) in the name into: Lee 12, were to celebrate, the word winter Gou. And let the students call their parents to spring, "Uncle, lady."
Zhang generations rf connector of a single small, the population is not busy. Father had five sons, several daughters, because of medical conditions were poor, less than a month old, was the largest year-old, have died. More children are now old, so, depending on forged steel valves the spring born baby, is love, never played him. As long as my father got out what delicious, we always want to eat, bring it home to his son set to eat. Therefore, Chunsheng always bag making machine like to follow his father, no matter where he goes, always pestering his father to take him, especially
like with his father to go fishing, people make fun of Chun-sheng is "with Hong Fart." Whenever the slack or rainy days, my father always carried the fishing rod to go fishing. That amusement park equipment day, his father took the fishing rod is preparing to go fishing, Chun-sheng met, quickly took the shell to follow him to the cage, his father said with a smile: "You are the benefits do you drum?"
"Lee thing, Lee power cord do, including many, many fish you catch." Health should be a spring. "Well, for me to put on stools." His eyeglasses frames father told Road.
Chunsheng happily with living room furniture his father in the village next to a pond to go fishing. Have not been fishing for a long time to eating fish this time, his father took out his pipe cylinders, fitted with a pipe down, is relish adsorption, suddenly saw the surface buoy Chunsheng Tong center is to move, then cried aloud: "Ah Uncle, fast, fast, fish bait. "quickly brought his father fishing rod, from afar, as though a broken sandal.
"Why, how to catch a broken sandals." Haruo said forged steel valves with a sigh. "It was sandals? This turbine flow meter is the turtle." His father corrected Road. As the fish close to the spring of Health finally see clearly, then shouted: "ah! Is really a turtle, it is not small."
Chunsheng turtle quickly to check valves carry her home, the mother of a weighing, just pound the second double. At noon, a man eating turtle meat and the United States and the United States, drinking turtle soups, really can not tell you how pleased heart.
That day, her father came to fuel pump the spring of Health home not far from the village of paddy fields, the father of a rice were busy playing, attend to the spring of students, let their safety glasses play in the vicinity. Hot spring students would secretly go to a person"s own mulberry leaves Tong (shaped like a leaf) in a bath, walked slowly into the water when the water failed in the spring of Health and chest, the entire people on the float up, while Chun-Sheng shouted for help, while hands and feet kicking random chaos program, after a while your feet ball valve actually touched the sludge children, had struggled in the wild, has come across the pond. Fortunately, little pond, or would be dead.
Chunsheng hurriedly put on their pants ran home to tell this to the mother, she has to sleep on the bed to the spring of students do not speak out. I saw her out of the tea strainer kids playground and meter (take tea and rice mixed together) to pond, flutter flutter boom boom nonstop fishing, fishing for a while, the way yelling back and go: "Dong Gou, high afraid to climb down, climb up the low fear. Dong Gou, tea m to show you the way, please come! "to Daofang Zhong, also desperately back to the bed soft play top sprinkle tea m, Chunsheng sleep in the bed, no matter already, then hear the cries, hastened to be said: "hey! spring born here yet." busy mother whispered: "good, keep silent." This was an extremely popular superstition in rural practice, said people were frightened After the soul has been scared off, to have it called back.
Family Chunsheng not cop copine in the center of the village, located north of the village. However, Chunsheng home but more people play, especially in the spring of the same age born almost every day to his house to play, so Chunsheng childhood companion is particularly high. The reason is relatively easy-going parents, my father was alive Shi You often tell them stories, riddles with them, compared with led ribbon more spacious house. Students living in the spring next to Zhu Xuexiang, pet name "Exposition of" Spring Johnson than the two-year-old, his organic pigments childhood called "Exposition of Colombia", is the spring of
students "protection of God". Anything bathroom cabinet use the service of his spring born with him no one dares to bully Chunsheng Chunsheng respect him very much so. Exposition of favorite catch fish, and catch fish in the technology, especially good, the fish would not even think about his hand hit away. Therefore, together with his students each spring and catch fish with his catch of fish is always up. So coaxial cable rg59 Chun-sheng often followed him to catch fish, he knows where to fish, where fish and more. Whenever Chunsheng fish Zhuode little while, and he always take his own fish, give some to the spring of Health.