【only my railgun】Only palm-sized

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Only palm-sized
book, but more connection terminal than two hundred pages thick. Cover three characters: After the conquest. Which is full of densely packed tiny fine print, but also inserted a number of maps. Shen Nong said: "I have traveled the world two discount coach handbags centuries, written in the book. Account of the conquest of seven hundred mountain, 480 City location, flowers and herbs and they reveal the demons. If you want to go anywhere, or to find anything, may wish to look up the book. "Tuo Baye exultation:" terrific. "
Shen Nong see his treasured geomembrane enormous satisfaction in mind also quite happy, thinking themselves of birds soon died, this book will never be successor, can not so, and is pretty relieved. Shen Nong and from the arms of two sheep out books semi precious stone to the Tuo Baye Road:
"These two books are gifts for my friends kitchen cabinets lunch together to give you it." Tuo Baye see a cover of "Herbs Notes", a cover of "Five Score", handwriting and the "After the conquest of" the same is Shen Nong personally written, heart happy, but suddenly understand that this stretch wrapper is the relic of his death could not help There was another sad, red eyes at once.
Shen Nong patted his head and smiles: "little fool, life and everything is clutch, such as the clouds changing, the universe, depart, so, why sad?" Tuo Baye but somehow, it gate valve is sad from the heart to, burst into tears . Shen Nong sighed: "Unfortunately, I have amusement ride cut off the meridian, or a skill you can pass." He took off a sheep from the waist pouch, and handed Tuo Baye, laughing: "There are also 16 Shen Nong Dan, if the injured poisoning, one will be site amenity enough to make you saved the day. every service one can build gas repose, an increase of skill, but not take over ground. "
Tuoba Ye know nothing wedding dress about the internal force of the martial art, but also know that the bag but not utterances drugs, was surprised also tragic. Shen cheerleading uniforms Nong: "The three books are still the most proud of me," Herbs Notes "worldly flowers and herbs, property efficacy, vying for law students, are a little note. Children, you are quite talented herbs, is to my liking, the book gave you, is no better room thermostat thing. "He faces a positive, Stern, said:" When you only have words to heart. Baicao note book but to save people, should never for harm. "
Tuo Baye nod in response. Shen Nong said: "This is cytisine the spectrum of the five elements, the moment was too difficult for you, do not have to look at. If you interested in martial art in the future, back to learning." He hesitated a moment, then Road; "But after all, too deep, slightl slitting machine not Shen, have infatuated in danger. "
Tuo Baye will wrap the three books into his arms. Shen Nong said: "There is a mountain they outdoor playground equipment reveal Longma Longtan, Japanese traveling thousands of miles. Yuping Shan here to more than two hundred years, to the mirage city of more than two thousand years, no horse, with your leg muscles arrived in seven days, it is absolutely can not. "
See Tuoba Ye Shen Nong confused face of color, they reveal preschool playground equipment knowledge that he did not understand the law subduing, in turn said: "Each has a weak office they reveal can be prepared, you need to find and fall upon its weaknesses, it to listen and obey. But the root of the V animal is connected with its mind. But however one major problem, can not kids rock climbing learn a little while. " Shen Nong paused, drew in the ground leading playground equipment the horse a monster, in its neck Office drew a circle: "The Dragon and Horse"s weakness lies in its neck of the red mane. You just turn it back, firmly grasp the mane, refuses to doing nothing, goes without a moment, it honestly, referring where to friends. "
Also present taught reading glasses Tuoba Ye Shen Nong Tips simple effort launched to free front, how to jump Norway Teng, how to grasp hold neck bristle. Tuo Baye smart by nature, a school that will simulate the speech Yan, Jingbu nothing worse.
Shen Nong looked at Shino, saw the moon in the air, Topics created, a fitness equipment dense mass of trees, such as undulating, slightly desolate heart, laughs: "The kids, time to be numbered. You first serve a nursery furniture Shen Nong Dan, to the Longtan Yield Longma, rushed to the Yuping Mountain alone. "
Tuoba Ye met with him though, but half dining chair a day, but became good friends, can not tell the compatibility. Himself from his parents died, alone, wandering rivers and lakes, almost no friends, today paid a year-end parties finally friends, but he might give Masterpieces bedroom furniture grant a panacea, can be described as half-division grace, heart already loved him as a person will. Unexpectedly, he had only a half-day life. At diaphragm pump this point an individual, the day after will never meet. So I thought, at once heart, such as needles, tears Quan-Yong.
Shen Nong comfort of a stretch, lying on the forged valve grass, looking up at sky and stars, under the hands of that branch jasper climbing Begonia, on the nose of a deep absorption, and complained: "Such moments of beauty, how can we live up to. Day On stars, and air flow meter I assimilated States and Canada! "
Tuo Baye eyes mist, to reach out and clean, but more where indoor playgrounds that came tears. Mist in slowly to see a meteor across the pearls. Shen Nong not look at him, whispering poems sing to strange music. Tuo Baye heart grief, knelt towards Shennong knock three ring outdoor fitness equipment head, turned and walked down the hill strides. Has come halfway up the mountain, still hear the song of Shen Nong and off.
"Dew Epiphyllum, yet so far away ... ... Yellow pigment red 57:1 10, after all, nine miles East and ... ... the sky, Yufeng Nong Ying, and common ... ... future generations who Beidou, Yao Palace Han Ku, not as Shenxianjuanlv, rivers and lakes a hundred nike dunks years ... ..."